"The specified folder does not exits"

  1. I tried to test “serverless remove” but got this error:

  2. I then tried to re-deploy with “serverless deploy”

The error was “specified bucket does not exist.” however, it does exist.

What is the proper way to clear and start over? I have many subfolders, so before I kill everything I wanted to check for best practice.

If you’ve created this bucket yourself, then it can’t be removed unless you remove all the objects in the bucket first - that’s just how S3 rolls.

Here’s the reference in the docs:

For Amazon S3 buckets, you must delete all objects in the bucket for deletion to succeed.

Serverless knows about its deployment bucket, and cleans it up (by deleting all the objects in it) because it’s only required temporarily (i.e. at deploy-time).

Did you delete the stack of cloudFormation?
When deleting S3, you also need to delete the stack.
Please try once.