Cannot deploy after remove function

i get this error message when deploying after using remove command “serverless remove -v”.
right now i can deploy again using serverless for this function. can anyone help me with this problem?

error message :

Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

 The specified bucket does not exist

Get Support --------------------------------------------

Your Environment Information -----------------------------
OS: linux
Node Version: 6.9.1
Serverless Version: 1.3.0

Does that error occur every time?
Maybe, it looks like to fail remove S3 deployment bucket.
Is there any deficiency in IAM permission setting of aws?

If IAM permission is OK, please show me contents of serverless.yml?

its always happen after i use command remove on serverless.
supposed to be IAM permission its not problem, because i give full access on this account.

what if i delete the bucket on s3 that used by serverless? is i cant never deploy the lambda function with the same name ever again?

serverless.yml content is:

service: auth

  name: aws
  runtime: nodejs4.3
  stage: dev
  region: ap-southeast-1
  deploymentBucket: com.cyanlabsid.serverless.${self:provider.region}.deploys

    handler: handler.hello
    memorySize: 256
    timeout: 15
#    description: Description of what the lambda function does
      - http:
          path: hello
          method: get
#          integration: lambda