The specified bucket does not exist error

I tried hello world example from Quick Start and deleted S3 buckets by mistake from AWS S3 console and then read somewhere that I should delete the cloudformation and then it will let me do the sls deploy correctly but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Have tried multiple times. Any brute force methods to get it back to working?

i did this once, and I thought the command “serverless remove” cleaned up things enough to get started again?

I think I figured this out. I went in the local folders and just did sls info -v to see the detailed information and that gave me the bucket name and from that I tried recreating the same bucket on S3 and it allowed me to, and then sls deploy started working once it could find the bucket.

sls remove didn’t work again in another folder so I did sls remove --force and it removed everything and deleted the s3 bucket after it too.

Hope this helps someone else going through this issue!