No Such Bucket ----------------------------------------- Error

Why doesn’t severless create a new bucket- is it holding a config somewhere?

The bucket is defined and created through the Cloudformation template. If it is removed by hand that might lead to the issue you mentioned and you probably have to completely redeploy the whole system or create that bucket by hand again.

That’s what appeared to have happened. Is this something that could be fixed with a “clean-up” type method where serverless can fix the issue. I spent several hours trying to figure out what happened. I could not “sls deploy” in the same directory- I had to go to a new directory and create an environment and then “sls deploy”. Then I cam back to my old directory and it worked again.

Kind of, but we’ll also add some warnings to the documentation that resources should only be changed through cloudforamtion, otherwise there might be inconsistencies. This is definitely lacking from the docs, thanks for bringing this up!