How to force deployment?

I was just playing with deployment on serverless. The problem I have now is that after I manually deleted the s3 bucket, I’m no longer able to deploy. I get a ‘The specified bucket does not exist’ error. I cannot find any option to ‘force deploy’. What is the trick to fix an issue like this, where you manually remove one of the deployed items.


I found that changing the service name in .yml, from e.g
solves the issue. I have not been able to find where this information is stored.

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Got it. It checks the deployment against the stored CloudFormation stack, which is named '-.
Once I deleted the stack, then I can redeploy. Makes perfect sense.

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Nice one finding/sharing this fix!

If this is DEV deploy or something you are playing with. You can change the region. This will make the deployment happen
serverless deploy --region eu-central-1