V4: Confused about pricing for instance and number of lambda functions

I’ve read Serverless Framework - Pricing and the FAQ and watch the video.

We’re still under the $2M/year limir but hope to reach it next year!! So I just want some explanation on your pricing. We have a staging/prod instance with around 20/30 functions each (as they are the same) right now.

And the dashboard, right now we see only 2 instances. So Serverless v4 is going to force me to pay money only if I launch a new project like dev or another backend with staging/prod, right?

Is that correct ? Is there a case where I need to pay more credits because I have too many functions on one instance?

Anyone know ?

Thanks for the help!

What they said to me, V4: Confused about payments - #2 by garethmcc was that

if your org is under the $2 million ARR limit, you do not need to purchase credits to cover your V4 licenses and you can deploy as many

I had exactly the same initial thought - and as we run an agency-type modal where we have multiple clients - we have maybe a dozen stacks, each with at least a dev&live stage.

But seems we are both wrong, and apart from having to register and issue licence keys to our teams, can just go on as we have been (and incidentally telling anyone who’ll listen how good Serverless is).