V4: Confused about payments

I’ve read Serverless Framework - Pricing and the FAQ, after a prompt in the (v3) CLI told me V4 was released (it’s not, according to the GitHub page it links to, it’s still in beta, but this is by the by)

So we’re under the $2M/year limit. So I can just make an account, hand out some keys to our team, and we’re good right ?

But then I create and login to the Serverless Dashboard, and it starts talking about how I only have 2 credits. Which seems to mean only two distinct CloudFormation stacks - so one project, dev and live.

And I have to pay to add more credits ?

So even though we’re under the limit and so don’t need to “purchase a Serverless Subscription”, Serverless v4 is still going to force me to pay money to launch a second project, or a 3rd environment for a single project ?

Is that correct ? In which case, the “only pay over $2M/year” narrative is missleading. Or not, in which case the FAQ and Dashboard are very unclear.

Anyone know ?

Hi there. Serverless Dashboard also provides additional functionality that consumes credits if used. By default, every organsiations is provided 2 credits as a part of the free tier to try these out if they wish. However, as you say, if your org is under the $2 million ARR limit, you do not need to purchase credits to cover your V4 licenses and you can deploy as many as you need.

Thanks for bringing the potential confusion to our attention though; when you have been looking at something for months it will always make sense to you so getting an “untainted” opinion on whether something is clear or not can be helpful. We will look at seeing if we can make things clearer in that regard.

Ah ha, thanks for clearing that up ! Looking forward to trying some of the cool v4 features, like the “send incoming requests to my machine’s code”.

I think the most confusing bit is the dashboard says “0 of 2 used”.
Maybe there should be a “we make less than a couple of million” toggle (even a zero rated item on the bill) that makes this “0 of :infinity: used” ?