Login and license key required for serverless v4?

Hi team,

Is it mandatory to have license key and login, for using serverless from >V4 version?
We have serverless and AWS SAM deployments for deploying resource, currently evaluating both frameworks and deciding what should be sticking to. But looks like serverless is introducing pricing for all deployments from v4 onwards, thats a concern for us small team using serverless since quite long now :frowning:

Hi there. It is mandatory to login but not to have a license key. The requirement to pay for usage of Serverless Framework V4 is only for organsiations with revenue exceeding $2 million annually. And even for those orgs with revenue below $5 million we offer a small business discount as well as discounts for annual subscriptions.

So if you are just starting out, you do not need to purchase anything. Just create your account, run serverless login to authenticate to your account and keep building. If you need some way to authenticate for a headless environment such as CI/CD, then look at the access keys available on the same account you created as a way to authenticate.

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Is v3 and v2 are both LTS?

V2 is no longer supported. V3 will remain supported with security and bug fixes until the end of 2024.

Pretty poor to be honest, we have a mix of serverless paid, SAM and just normal serverless and this feature will most likely result in us moving 100% to SAM. not worth it.

yes, its quite unfortunate. Love this framework and have been using personally/ professionally for managing deployments in stack. But we do have some IaC deployed using SAM now, this will force us to completely migrate to SAM going forward.

Iā€™d love to know for what reason you feel you need to move?

Once authenticated, whether that be using serverless login or using an access key, there are no other restrictions and if you are an organisation with annual revenue below $2 million per year you never need to pay for V4 either.