Serverless 4 release date?

We’re on v2 and we were going to upgrade to v3 soon. I found this blog post about the release of v4. So we’ll just upgrade to v4 directly. When will v4 be released?

I’m waiting for the release, too. No news anywhere since the announcement.
But the announced changes were groundbreaking, very important for me, so fingers crossed for the announcement soon.

Still no news about 4.0?
No announcements.
No answer on the forim.
No way to contact.
Not attractive…

No reaction on the forum and no answer for the support (from my corporate email). I’m evaluating for a huge organisation, but Serverless team doesn’t seem to care. It, for me, gives a very sad message.

I cannot advise any serious companies to use a framework, which doesn’t even react. It is a shame.