S3 Costs for deployment - Too many PUT requests

New to Serverless Framework. I just got an alert from S3 saying that I am using too many “PUT” requests. It seems serverless framework is using S3 to deploy the package and other logs. Is there a way to reduce the “PUT” requests ? Serverless used 1901 PUT requests for 10 deployments. Free tier ends at 2000 requests per month.

My package is very simple with one handler function. At this point I am thinking something is wrong with my setup. Any insight into this ? If I continue using Serverless, it will cost me around $800 by end of the month.

AWS Free Tier Usage as of 04/04/2018 AWS Free Tier Usage Limit
1,901 Requests 2,000 Put Requests of Amazon S3

Anyone has insight into this ?

2,000 more PUT requests will cost you a penny. For a whole dollar you can get 200,000 more. I don’t believe AWS will bill you until your bill exceed 25 cents.

The AWS free tier for PUTs is simply too low to be practical, they should raise it.

Don’t know where you are coming up with $800. Here is the pricing for PUTs.
PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests $0.005 per 1,000 requests

I just posted that from AWS billing forecast.

Do you have an insight why it is creating several PUT requests ? I enabled S3 logging and it created 90 requests for 4 deployments.

My PUTs are projected to go over too…

S3 - Puts
58.05% (1,161.00/2,000 Requests)
435.38% (8,707.50/2,000 Requests)

Mine go over every month by a lot more than that. But you have to do about 50,000 in a month to get a 25 cent bill from AWS. I have never reached the point where they charge my card on this account.

Don’t see how you can get to $800 this way, that would be 160M PUTs in a month.

Don’t believe AWS Forecast, it’s “shit”. Basically, their algorithm is not good in the beginning of every month, and also when you just get started, because it somehow does calculations based on actual usage and tries to predict forecast cost.

Based on forecast, I had a $3k bill forecasted, on the 3rd of the month. Which become a $30 bill 2 days ago, because the algorithm had more data to work with.

Watch it closely, but it’s gonna decrease like crazy, you’ll see.
Better watch your actual cost in “Billing summary”, at https://console.aws.amazon.com/billing/home?region=eu-west-3#/bills?year=2018&month=4 for me

Hi abhilash,

I’m dealing with that same problem. Can you please give me some help?

Anyone has insight into this ?