Much more usage/requests than I would have expected in just 3 days

I’ve been using AWS with serverless the past 3 days. Today I took a look at the reports section to have an idea of how my free tier was going. Then, I realized a forecasted 227% month-end usage for the free tier limit for the S3 - Puts service.

It says I’ve done 1,323 requests for the “S3 - Puts” service and 2,665 requests for the “S3- Gets” one, which is much more than I would have expected.

aws report

I guess it is related with the deployment process with the serverless framework, so any idea of how much requests are sent for just 1 deploy?

Obviously, I’m a bit worried and I will stop my tests until I understand what is going on!

Amazon only gives you 1 cents a month worth of free S3 puts. Your overage is going to be 1.5 cents.

You can push only the function you changed too, you don’t have to push everything every time.

sls deploy function -f create

Thanks, I was pushing everything every time, so maybe that was the issue.

Then, when deploying an specific function, how does it know which files needs to upload? (in case it has some dependencies)

If you’re using webpack and tree shaking then deploying a single function might help. If you’re not then it’s unlikely to make much difference when it comes to S3 usage during deployment. All of the dependencies still need to be packaged and deployed with the function.