Sls deploy ... creates a massive number of S3 buckets, and emptying and deleting them is manual headache


We have been using the serverless framework to develop and deploy AWS Lambda functions, for 1+ year.

Today discovered that sls deploy had created so many S3 buckets that AWS returned an
error : TooManyBuckets

Upon browsing the list of s3 buckets found several which were created by serverless and left abandoned. (some containing the ./serverless folder, some empty)

The names of all these buckets ended with a generated number such as ::
***deployementbucket- f1dbu8e202je

and so on.

The *** was the name of my Lambda, that were not even in existence.
They had been deleted via the AWS console.

It was a painful, monotonous task on the AWS console, to browse into each and executing a “Empty bucket” and “Delete bucket”.

Is there a better way?
Is it not possible to remove unwanted deploymentbuckets by a single sls command.