You have attempted to create more buckets than allowed - but S3 actually have place for another bucket

Hi guys, I’m trying to do a deploy using serverless, but I got the following error:

An error occurred: ServerlessDeploymentBucket - You have attempted to create more buckets than allowed (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 400; Error Code: TooManyBuckets; Request ID:...

It seems the same problem that this topic but I already deleted several buckets in S3 (I have 95 buckets, and I only need one bucket to perform the deploy).

So, I only need to create one bucket, and there is place to create 5 buckets, but serverless says that I can not create any more buckets.

Any ideas?

Actually the 100 buckets for S3 is just a soft limit, you can raise a service limit request to increase it…

Thank you for your answer @cheesiangcs, but perhaps you didn’t understand me or I didn’t explain myself enough.

I already deleted S3 buckets, so the soft limit of 100 shouldn’t be an issue anymore in that context. I know that a ticket can be raised and the limit increased, but that wasn’t the point of this topic.

My question was referred to understand why I got the same error message, even when I had enough buckets size to do the deploy.

I finally found somewhere that there was a chance that this problem was related to authorization, so I started using aws-azure-login, and the problem was solved for some reason.

(problem solved for me)