Create object into S3 at deploy:finalize

Hi team,

My workflow is as follow:

  • I create an s3 bucket on deployment and I’d like to add a file just after deployment into this bucket.
  • I have a specific file from a different bucket that I want to copy to this my new bucket.
  • I don’t want to create a function just for this.

I’m aware of these two plugins serverless-plugin-scripts and serverless-s3-deploy.

Maybe using one of them could help me.


  • serverless-plugin-scripts,
    how can I execute a method/file without creating a function for it? So I can invoke my method on deploy:finalize to put an object in my new bucket.

  • serverless-s3-deploy,
    is it possible to set as source a file from a different bucket? So, I target my current bucket and my source would be a file from a different bucket and I’d be copying this file to the new bucket. Is it possible?

Pedro Elias

I get that prefixes are subfolders and each prefix can archive about 3.5k/5.5k request per second. How would you use this to your advantage by spreading the reads ? If I have a very long path (prefix) to a single file how would it help for that Kodi nox file or that’s not the idea ? I am confused.