Python 3.6 support

Hi, do you have plans to support python 3.6 runtime?

It looks like python 3.6 support has already been merged and will be in the next release. There’s no need to wait for Serverless, you can change the runtime setting in your serverless.yml to python3.6 and use it now.

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Thanks for adding the support, but i’m still getting problems running it up.

serverless --version

Here is the complete output

serverless create --template aws-python3 --path testpython3 
Serverless: Generating boilerplate...
Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

 Template "aws-python3" is not supported. Supported templates
 are: "aws-nodejs", "aws-python", "aws-groovy-gradle",
 "aws-java-maven", "aws-java-gradle", "aws-scala-sbt",
 "aws-csharp", "azure-nodejs", "openwhisk-nodejs" and

Get Support --------------------------------------------

Your Environment Information -----------------------------
 OS:                 darwin
 Node Version:       7.9.0
 Serverless Version: 1.11.0

Any ideas?

Just use aws-python as template and be sure to have python 3.6 available (as default) in your environment.
ps: you must replace python2.7 with python3.6 in your serverless.yml:

    name: aws
    runtime: python3.6

thanks for your reply. I talked with the guys in Gitter and found out that the release is still in testing (not fully released yet), so downloading that branch / commit should just work until its fully release.

It appears that the documentation was released prior to having fully out there.

@enriquemanuel If you just want to deploy functions using Python 3.6 then you don’t need the version from Github. While it includes better support for 3.6 you really can just use the 2.7 template and update the runtime value to python3.6.

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thanks i kind of imagine that but since i was using the framework from the “Get go” i wanted to do it from scratch correctly.