Dotnet 6.0 support

AWS supports new .Net6.0 for lambda. Does Serverless support .Net6.0?

I have tried as follows but doesn’t work. Can’t find the correct runtime…

frameworkVersion: ‘3’

name: aws
runtime: dotnet6.0

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AWS supports dotnet6.0 now. How long will it take serverless to add the runtime support?

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Serverless supports dotnet6 runtime now!

Hello charithj, do you have the source that affirms this?

I just installed the serverless framework today and, assuming I followed the directions correctly, I get this error:

Initializing provider configuration...
Environment: win32, node 17.8.0, framework 3.13.0, plugin 6.2.1, SDK 4.3.2

Error: Runtime net6.0 is not supported. Runtimes supported: nodejs10,nodejs12,nodejs14,python3.6,python3.7,python3.8,dotnet2.2,dotnet3.1

If net6.0 is supported then what did I do wrong?

Yes in here feat(AWS Lambda): Add support for `dotnet6` runtime by martincostello · Pull Request #10757 · serverless/serverless · GitHub

go on aws check blog for how dotnet6 can be connected