How far are we from serverless relational databases (pay per read, write)?

Hi there,

There are Aurora Serverless V2 (preview), PlanetScale and FaunaDB, but they still don’t charge PER QUERY/UPDATE, but for resources allocation.

Will we one day see a true serverless Relational DB that ONLY charges for the queries and mutation (ms it runs? IO it uses?) we send to the DB + (of course) storage?

The DynamoDB model, pay per writes and reads, allows for some simplification that I miss when using Relational DBs. Like, being able to have ephemeral environments for development purposes, and being able to deploy everything in there, and only paying for the transactions/functions that are used when running the tests. It’s really cost-effective and quick to have an ephemeral environment when using 100% serverless.

P.S.: Instant COW replicas should also be supported by the DB to allow quick and cheap ephemeral DBs.