Local development with Serverless - whats the latest/greatest?

hey guys,

I want to develop some serverless services where the following will definitely be involved:

  1. crons that invoke lambdas every 15 mins
  2. These lambdas will async call other lambdas (i.e. push events)
  3. And those las lambdas will write to a db e.g. serverless aurora
  4. There may also be some pushes to SNS with consuming subscribers

Those artifacts above will be the main business logic of the system, but then there will be some regular rest api gateways that call other lambdas to retrieve data from the db again

Nothing above is really that complex but I am interested to know if theres any way of running all the above locally - and easily :slight_smile: - or is the best I can hope for to write really good unit tests ?