Anyone using Aurora/MySQL database?




I’m thinking in creating some serverless services using a RDS database (Aurora) but I don’t find much information and I have some concerns about performance.
My initial decision was to use a DynamoDB because it’s easy to implement and integrate with Lambda, but I think for the data model I need a relational database would work better, but it seems harder to implement and with some caveats.

  • Will I have problems with cold starts and having to start a new database connection?
  • Will I have performance problems because I’m running lambda inside a VPC?
  • A RDS database is not a good use case for Lambdas?



I can’t speak as to whether establishing a connection to a RDS endpoint would affect performance, but my guess is probably not. Lambda can work fairly seamlessly with RDS.


On further thought, VPC configuration, etc. could prove painful if you’re shooting for a true serverless approach.

However, Serverless Aurora was just announced:


That sounds great!
Any idea when that should happen?



There are two databases you might use inside RDS: Aurora (which implements mysql 5.6 functionality), and Mysql (which is Mysql 5.7, and hence has things like JSON columns).

I am using both, and both perform very well. Aurora is more self-managing, in that it deals with replication and growing of the database automatically.

Cold starts are not an issue: your application just opens a new connection to the database, just like any other database.

I run RDS inside a VPC, so no direct access from the public Internet is possible, and I also run lambda inside a VPC private subnet. The only tricky bits I had to deal with were:

  1. Having to build a NAT Gateway so that the Lambda function had outbound Internet connectivity (this costs money too, unfortunately, but I wanted all Lambda functions to make outbound connectivity from a fixed IP address)

  2. Configuring an S3 policy to allow access to S3 from the private subnet

HTH, Brian.


I have been using RDS MySQL with APIG and lambda for about 6 months so far without any issues. I am too in a VPC, which means I need to use NAT gateway, but it was not difficult to set up. I can only recommend this setup.


Currently Lambda + SQL feels like an anti-pattern. You can do it but there are a number of gotcha’s. For example - You need to run Lambda inside a VPC that has access to the database. That means slow cold start times (cause by running Lambda inside a VPC), Lambda not having internet access by default, etc. You can work around many of these.

I expect this to change once Serverless Aurora is available.


How are you handling your database connection pool? D:


Serverless Aurora is intended to be a database for infrequent, intermittent, or unpredictable workloads.