AWS RDS Aurora Serverless Questions

Hi there,

I am trying to locate a friendly serverless.yml example that can show me how to accomplish the following goals, preferably in this order:

  1. Provision a new Aurora Serverless MySQL cluster. If possible, with clear instructions/mappings for how to configure a CF template to use with serverless.yml.

  2. Provision a full VPC for my application that also provisions a new Aurora instance, granting the lambdas access to RDS.

  3. Deploy a new application into an existing VPC where an Aurora instance is already available.

  4. Provision a new VPC for lambdas, with access to an Aurora instance that is in another VPC.

Any links y’all could provide would be much appreciated!

Hi Noel,

Here’s a github repo with a sample deployment.

It does the following.

  1. Deploy’s a VPC and 2 private subnets.
  2. Deploy’s an Aurora Serverless postgres instance.
  3. Create’s a lambda which runs schema migrations using the DataAPI, which does not require the lambda to be inside a VPC to access the RDS instance. However, it is possible to deploy a lambda into the VPC and connect to the DB directly just like you would connect to a traditional SQL DB.
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