Best node orm to use?



I am pretty close to dumping dynamodb, aside from worrying about autoscaling gone wrong for some reason, lost of data due to throttling and in general not being able to get fast stats on table etc.

Anyway I will probably go with Aurora MySql (maybe that will offer me a future path to ‘Aurora Serverless’ down the line once I become more ninjaful in capacity provisioning )

So my question is - what is the best node orm out there to use with MySQL ? sequelize, knex etc. Seeing some new ones called TypeOrm etc ?

And also btw what os the best way to manage migrations in a typical serverless microservice ?


hi @walshe
I have the same question, so far I am using MongoDB with Mongoose for my serverless but recently I started looking at AppSync + DynamoDB. What is your experience with this database? I see there are using many concepts which I haven’t heard off. Sounds like you had some issues.



are you asking about dynamodb ? if so I would start playing with dynamodb on its own without appsync first just to make it easier to understand


originally wanted to move to MySQL/Aurora because I have massive spikes in db writes I need to do at basically any time of day - this leaves me unable to preset dynamodb to higher capacity for certain times and I dont trust the autoscale option.

Now with MySQL I see there are a whole pile of other issues - the main one being what the best way is to cache a mysql connection in a ‘warm’ lambda which all seems a bit dodgy too.

Anyone with any solid solutions there ?

I basically have a lambda consuming a kinesis stream ,in the lambda I need to write to database. My batch size is currently 1, but I may increase to get better throughput and/or make better use of mysql connections

Anyone any idea when Aurora Serverless is out btw ? I guess that will be more expensive than dynamodb in any case