Express JS + mongoDB to AWS Lambda + DynamoDB CI/CD

Hello folks,

I have an express JS + MongoDB app locally on my laptop.
It is not currently in production.
I want to put it in production on AWS cloud with Serverless and best practices DevOps CI/CD.

I am really lost in all these infos, tools and possibilities.

I want to use DynamoDB because it seems cheaper than MongoDB Atlas.

I have more than 200 routes on my current app + 30 DB mongo models and use of mongoose.

I do not want to have a single point of failure by deploying all of it into a single Lambda function.

I want to use as much service of AWS as possible (CodePipeline etc) and would like to keep using WebStorm as IDE.

can someone give me step by step advices to get it deployed with CI/CD on AWS please?

is there any tool to help me convert my MongoDB schemas to DynamoDB?