Serverless DynamoDB Node Libraries

I’ve been reading all about how great DynamoDB is, especially with Serverless. I’ve also been looking into the single table design for NoSQL. It all looks really good and exactly what I need for my serverless project. However, I’m finding very little in mature libraries that work with DynamoDB. From what I can tell, dynamoose is the most popular, but it does not support a single table design. Amazon has their own mapper library, but it hasn’t seen an update in a year and a half.

I’m just curious what other people are using with Dynamo to manage their database interactions in their node projects?

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const DynamoDB = require('aws-sdk/clients/dynamodb')
const ddb = new DynamoDB.DocumentClient()

module.exports.doStuff = async () => {
  const { Item } = await ddb.get({
    TableName: 'my-table',
    Key: { id: '12345' }
  console.log(`My Item: ${JSON.stringify(Item, null, 2)}`)

I was also looking for any modeling tool for Amazon’s DynamoDB… I’ve found dynamoose that looks promissor but I am really disappointed…

If you find anything better, let me know…

I’ve enjoyed working with Amazons NoSQL Workbench. It’s a GUI application that I’ve found helpful for data modeling, query building, etc. Definitely work a look.