frameworkVersion variable

I want to use a variable to define the frameworkVersion in a service, along with other values that will be common across a bunch of micro-services. But any sls command results in an error. This is what i have in my serverless.yml file:

frameworkVersion: ${file(../common.yml):frameworkVersion}

And this is what is in common.yml:

frameworkVersion: ">=1.24.1 <1.25.0"

Any sls command returns this:

  Serverless Error ---------------------------------------

  The Serverless version (1.24.1) does not satisfy the "frameworkVersion" (${file(../common.yml):frameworkVersion}) in serverless.yml

Other references to common.yml work fine. Is there something different about frameworkVersion?


It looks like the frameworkVersion is checked before the variable substitution is done.

Makes sense. The way that variable substitution is done would depend on the framework version. Thanks Rick!