The Serverless version (3.1.1) does not satisfy the "frameworkVersion" (2) in serverless.yml

|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:32 Running command serverless deploy --config ${CONFIG_FILE} --stage ${DEPLOY_STAGE} --region ${DEPLOY_REGION} --targetaccountid ${TARGET_ACCOUNT_ID} --cfnrolearn ${CF_EXECUTION_ROLE}|
|7067|Environment: linux, node 14.17.2, framework 3.1.1, plugin 6.0.0, SDK 4.3.1|
|7073|The Serverless version (3.1.1) does not satisfy the “frameworkVersion” (2) in serverless.yml|
|7075|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:33 Command did not exit successfully serverless deploy --config ${CONFIG_FILE} --stage ${DEPLOY_STAGE} --region ${DEPLOY_REGION} --targetaccountid ${TARGET_ACCOUNT_ID} --cfnrolearn ${CF_EXECUTION_ROLE} exit status 1|
|7076|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:33 Phase complete: BUILD State: FAILED|
|7077|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:33 Phase context status code: COMMAND_EXECUTION_ERROR Message: Error while executing command: serverless deploy --config ${CONFIG_FILE} --stage ${DEPLOY_STAGE} --region ${DEPLOY_REGION} --targetaccountid ${TARGET_ACCOUNT_ID} --cfnrolearn ${CF_EXECUTION_ROLE}. Reason: exit status 1|
|7078|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:34 Entering phase POST_BUILD|
|7079|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:34 Phase complete: POST_BUILD State: SUCCEEDED|
|7080|[Container] 2022/02/03 06:21:34 Phase context status code: Message:|