Deployment problem after upgrading to 1.28.0 version

I just updated my serverless version from 1.24.1 to 1.28.0 to take advantage of SQS Event Integration. But I am getting this error when running deploy command:
Profile ${deep:0.awsProfile} does not exist

When I downgrade it to the old version working fine though. Does anybody know what is the problem?

Are you specifying your profile in your serverless.yml file or are you relying on a default?

I am providing ‘awsProfile’ and ‘envName’ in a stage_vars.yml file and referencing them in my serverless and CFN template files. But it seems serverless cannot take it from there as it was doing before I updated my serverless version to 1.28.0

I’m sure there have been a few changes since v1.24 that affect the serverless.yml file. I had an issue with using integers in environment variables (strings only now), so it is possible that how you need to reference the profile from an external file has changed. You can try testing it by moving the profile reference into the main file.