Debugging wishlist

I’ve just discovered which should be linked from & their should be a topic called debug upon referring to this.

But frustratingly what local invoking doesn’t do, is stepping through your code and inspect variables etc etc. That to me seems sorely missing. :sob:

Furthermore I find that especially once deployed to production, it’s VERY handy to have copies of the input event.json to re-run / re-create / reproduce issues locally in development. Short of developing this functionality everytime I write a lambda function, could there be some trick I am missing?

If you want production to save copies of the input event for each request you can simply log the event to Cloud Watch.

console.log("Event", event);

Then you can copy the event from Cloud Watch to event.json to test locally.

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True, thanks for the tip. Though would be nice if there was some convenience function since copy/pastes can be fiddly.

Btw, what about a “debugging JS” story? :slight_smile: