'Serverless invoke' hanging / Offline debugging help

Hi all,

I am trying to get a local version of my lambda function up and running so I can debug it in a more sane way than constantly uploading and printing things out.

I currently am basing everything off the “fullstack app” template, which has created 4 different apps/folders. The configuration in each of those folders seems to be different than the majority of what I have seen online, so I suspect that this is a new way of doing things and there are not that many example out there yet on this new style.

The component that I care about in this context is the “api” one, which is an express app. It has an api gateway in front of it. Therefore it would be much handier for me to debug locally through serverless, as it would then have all the relevant headers and lifecycle events. I can just run it locally using “node app.js”, however then I feel like I am going to have to add a bunch of boilerplate to ensure that things don’t crash if values in headers etc aren’t there.

I was under the impression that I would be able to run “serverless invoke local”, however it just seems to hang, and the output isn’t really what I would expect at the start of the run anyway:

robelkin@Robs-MacBook-Pro api % serverless invoke local

serverless ⚡framework
Action: "invoke" - Stage: "dev" - Org: "robelkin" - App: "xyz" - Name: "api"

96s › Serverless › Canceled

Any thoughts on what I am missing here?

And if I let it time out, I get this:

57s › Serverless › The action "invoke" is not supported by this component.