Invoke remote hangs

New to serverless, went through the initial setup using the template generator on Win10:

serverless create --template aws-nodejs

I’ve been able to deploy the lambda up to AWS and test it there using the GUI, however my attempts at triggering the lambda locally and remotely have failed.

Remotely I’m running:

serverless invoke --function hello

and my bash terminal hangs indefinitely (e.g. 20 mins and no output) and I see no new logs on cloudwatch.

Locally I’m running:

serverless invoke local --function hello

and I receive:

Serverless Error ----------------------------------------

Attempted to run an interactive setup in non TTY environment.
If that’s intentended enforce with SLS_INTERACTIVE_SETUP_ENABLE=1 environment variable

So, I’m guessing I have 2 separate issues here, wondering if there are any suggestions on a remedy?