App to help debug and monitor lambda functions

For the past few months my former colleague and I have been working on an app aimed at making lambda functions easier to work with.

The main problem we try to solve is that AWS provides little and hard-to-find information about the code you currently have running. We have been working on a solution that gives a helicopter overview of all the past and present invocations, finds errors and provides a much simpler way of looking and searching through logs. The app was inspired by our daily struggle we both had once the stacks we were working on grew larger than about 20 lambdas. It has been proving pretty useful for us and we are currently looking for free beta testers to see if it improves the work processes for others as well. Check it out and be sure to request a demo at

Also if you have any questions or suggestions on what else could it to, I’m all ears below.


Would like to know more, no debugging is my No1 frustration with Lambda.

Sure! Glad to share info.

Currently the platform provides:

  • graphs about all lambdas in your aws account (invocations, errors, durations and memory usage)
  • list of all invocations of each lambda
  • live trailing of lambda logs (up to 3 simultaneously)
  • A listing of all your lambdas, when were they last invoked and the health score (percentage of failures out of all invocations)

We are also implementing alerting, so that you could attach an alert to a specific lambda or a service to notify you when something fails.

You could either try our demo or sign up for a free beta account. If you want to contact me directly, you can e-mail me at

Ah I’m after code line debugging.

Could you specify what exactly do you mean? :slight_smile: Maybe we can implement it. You’re also welcome to our private beta. Just sign up at and we will send you an invite.


I’m going to try the 1st