Banner Message Reading Test Results

Are messages from banner or image ads being read? We tested it with a very simple test and the results are interesting. This page that you are reading right now was by everyone who googled ‘Yellow Zipka’ or some term slightly different from it (yellow lace and they saw the ad and clicked on it. AdWords ad for the term also tested the number of people who clicked on the banner and then read the article explaining that they.

Should have followed the instructions on the banner UK Phone Number Data not clicked on the banner, and then come here. How the test was designed can be seen from the sketch: How the test was designed The results are very interesting, but before that, we should point out several influences on the accuracy of the results that we are aware of, but we did not pay too much attention to them because we counted on canceling the errors.

That would arise by relativizing the results: The selected portals are not representative of all age and gender groups, nor do they have the same percentage of views in the so-called ‘over the fold’ area People react differently to the colors and typography of the banner I chose the simplest possible template. The audience on each portal is different, so the result is different for each portal we know on which portal.