SEED now with a better interface for Lambda CloudWatch logs

Hey guys, I’m one of the founders of Seed (; a service that helps you build and deploy Serverless applications on AWS.

We have been getting a lot of feedback on how much pain it is to use the CloudWatch console. Today we are launching a completely new interface for Lambda and API Gateway CloudWatch logs. It’s built natively on top of CloudWatch Logs. Think of it as an alternative to the CloudWatch console.

We’ve put a lot of work into making it as user friendly as possible. I’d love if you could take a look and give us your feedback!

Here are the details of how it works — New and Improved Serverless Logs


The new interface for CloudWatch logs looks and works great, the only issue is that it’s not very discoverable. You have to know exactly what you are looking for and how Seed main UI is structured to find it.

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That’s a good point. We’ll be rolling out some updates over the next few weeks to fix this!

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We’ve now got a new metrics interface to go with the logs. It’s really fast and it even let’s you inspect errors and view the logs right from the charts!

Here are the details of how it works - New and Improved Serverless Metrics


We are introducing App Reports. It’s a weekly (or daily) email report that contain the key performance metrics of your Serverless apps.

Together with Logs and Metrics, you can now monitor, diagnose, and debug your apps on Seed, all with zero-configuration.

Here are the details of how it works - Introducing App Reports

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