Flag content serverless service RFC

Hi guys,

Was wondering if I could draw on your collective know how, so I can better architect a simple service to flag a URL as needing attention. It’s important to be able to sum the URLs as I’m sure there might be some accidental clicks of tempting flag icon and it’s important to be able to notify (with signal) the right people (lets simplify it to just me) quickly.

The Web page would have a button which would do a POST on a http end point naturally, but I am bewildered by the options what to do with that data.

  1. Email it to myself as a JSON blob? Seems a bit inefficient and inflexible
  2. Store it in DynamoDB? I heard (perhaps wrongly) storing logs in dynamoDB is a bad thing and that queries can be tricky? Not sure how notifications can be triggered from there either
  3. Just leave it in CloudWatch logs ? Again not sure how I would query it or alert myself
  4. Write some lambda code to post it to our logstash service ? I’m not sure if Kibana can raise alert from certain thresholds

Any other KISS type approach I might be missing here? IIRC CoreOS used to leverage GA.js to send events, but I’d rather not rely on that.

Cheers guys!

After thinking about it… I think I was missing SNS! SNS now seems the obvious KISS solution here, that gives me a ton of flexibility.

So now I need to figure out how to get from a http POST to SNS!