Chinese terminal ads?


One of my colleagues experienced something weird, after installing serverless framework.
There were terminal ads which point to a tencent wechat page I think. Screenshot uploaded below.

From what we’ve gathered so far, serverless had a partnership with tencent and we see similar codes from a tencent repo to the one we’ve seen at the terminal.So I don’t want to conclude that my colleague is being spied on.
We are guessing that somehow he is detected as chinese user and maybe this is an isolated incident.
Just wondering if anyone knew anything about this or experienced this. Thanks!

image (7)

Hey there. Definitely no spying. We do currently work with Tencent as a requirement in providing Serverless framework to Chinese developers and as a part of that we need to make an attempt to provide those users the login experience that is standard for them, including authentication using QR codes via WeChat which is pretty much what all of China uses. What your friend experienced is definitely only because the portion of the backend that tries to detect where the user is from to load the preferred experience detected them as from China.

Hope that helps answer the questions

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Yup definitely helped! Thank you!