Where is my function?

I’m just getting started with serverless. After configuring and deploying the quick start (serverless deploy function -f hello) I go to my “Functions” page on Lambda: https://console.aws.amazon.com/lambda/home?region=us-east-1#/functions
I expect to see my “hello” function, but it’s not there, I only see the ones I did the “regular way”. Can someone explain what’s going on?

Hey @monkeysuffrage. Was your deploy successful? You can check with sls info -v. If your deploy was successful, it will show your service name, stage, region, and other details.

If it does work, try the following things from the sls info -v output:

  1. Check the region value. Is it us-east-1, the region you’re checking in your console?

  2. Look at the ARN from your function. It will be at the bottom of sls info -v, under the Stack Outputs header. It should look something like this:

HelloLambdaFunctionQualifiedArn: arn:aws:lambda:us-west-2:111110001111:function:my-service-dev-hello:1

The 12 digit number in middle of the ARN (right after the region) is your AWS account id. Check to see if this matches your other functions. You can find this in the Lambda console by clicking on one of your existing functions – there should be an ARN value in the top right of the console.

Let me know if neither of those work, and we can keep digging :slight_smile:

Yes, I see what’s happening, it deployed under the “serverless demo” user because I followed the advice in the video. So now I guess I’m going to undo all of that and redo the serverless config.

Thanks for the help troubleshooting this.

Nope, I spoke too soon. I just realized that I have no idea what I’m doing regarding IAM users/roles.
Can someone point me in the right direction? I just want to be able to see my serverless-deployed functions when I’m logged in the normal way.