What's included in the new RC1 release?

I noticed that the documentation have been updated and NPM is now showing the latest version to be RC1, but what’s included in that?

Is it all of what was tracked under Beta3 at some point? or a sub-set?

looks like this is the best source https://github.com/serverless/serverless/milestone/13?closed=1 :slight_smile:

from this list it looks like:

  • new documentation
  • build in handling of error codes
  • function specific packaging (instead of packaging it all)
  • support for multiple AWS profiles
  • APIg passthrough support
  • new CloudFormation logical IDs
  • Support response/request templates
  • Java lambdas are now updated
  • fixed python module import

and probably a ton of other things i missed while skimming…

@dennisnewel and @flomotlik what are your thoughts on maintaining a changelog.md for tracking the changes. Raised issue #2051 on this.

We’re releasing a blog post for every release in our blog: http://blog.serverless.com/new-release-serverless-v1-0-rc-1/

In the future we’ll also do proper Changelogs, we just decided as we’re doing blogposts at the moment for everything that changed the Changeling is not necessary until after the V1 release.