Changelog for RC2?


I’ve been trying to get a feel of what’s included in RC2, but without any luck. With RC1 there was a milestone in github to look at, but not for RC2? and there’s also been no blog post about it.

Anyone have a good idea of what’s changed/fixed/added?

remembered github has a compare feature.

here’s the difference from RC1 to RC2 in terms of commits:

skimming through this, it looks to be mainly documentation and bug fixes

Yeah, I think official updates will be pretty light before the release of v1.0 - time is better spent on working software over comprehensive documentation.

Agreed. I’m not looking for something super specific, esp. not when it’s mainly bug fixing etc.

To avoid too much guessing though, maybe for next rc release (assuming it’s not the final one) a post similar to my reply would be doable? something along the line of “This rc cut includes further bugfixes as well as new functionality X; see here for details” with a link to the compare view.

@rowanu the main serverless documentation has already switch to primarily focusing on 1.0 already Would you recommend 0.5.6 or v1.0 for beginners barely getting their feet wet?

Definitely v1.x. It’s a much cleaner and clearer implementation in my opinion. This does mean that you need to (look out for and) ignore v0.x-related documentation and posts, but v1.x stuff will soon outnumber the old stuff.

Things are a little complicated documentation-wise at this point in time due to it still being in the RC stage, but things will be much clearer once v1.0 is released.

Yup sorry that was unclear. I just wanted to get a bug fix out. From now on we’re going to document things better and create Github releases and proper Changelogs