Versioning Serverless deployments

I am new to Serverless and hoping to use it to deliver soon. The first hurdle I’ve run into is related to versioning. I know there have been some discussions about that, and I can see a path to where I think I would like to go:

  1. Our Lambda functions are built by a build system and produce versioned jars. I’d like to preserve this version, since it is the one that customers will see, release notes apply to, etc. Currently the package artifact cannot contain wildcards, so can’t include the build number. Could the package artifact be extended to allow wildcards? (e.g. target/myFunction-*.jar - if this resolves to one single file, then proceed with that file)

  2. I like the versioning and rollback functions that Serverless has, but I’d like to be able to specify my build version instead of using the auto-generated timestamp. I think they could co-exist fairly easily (i.e. if you don’t specify a version, then it will use a timestamp). What do you think?

I’m game to get into the code and offer patches if there’s any interest.

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