Step functions performance

Hi folks,

I’ve created a small sample project which can be found here:
What do I want to achieve?
I want to have one start function which acts as a fan-out generator. In my example it’s just generating a list of jobs by range - in real life it would be an iterator over dates.
The 2nd step is a MapIterator which e.g. does some operations on S3 files
The 3rd and last step aggregates the results from the MapIterator which is what that step function is looking for.

The example project works, but it is incredible slow. Runtime was 16152ms
Even the very first task (just creating a list of 100items) takes 364ms according to the Execution event history.
As the real life function should be called by a web-frontend those timings are not really acceptable

Why is that example sooo slow? Am I missing something?

I know this is not actually relates to SLS framework itself, but replies are highly appreciated
Thanks you