Thoughts on new AWS step functions?

I have been crafting some notes on how to combine stateless lambda functions into a managed sequential state workflow. I have a pretty good vision sketched out and then found that AWS had just released “State Functions”. Documentation:

Do you think “State Functions” will be incorporated into the SLS ecosystem? I’m not 100% sold on it yet, and still might pursue my own workflow concept. But if someone can convince me this is the future I might hold off and try to master “state functions” instead of digging into my own concept.

I probably won’t utilize it, until other providers have similar offering (or SLS has its own offering)

I personally think it looks pretty promising. The logging of the step functions is very well made which is a good sign for easy debugging.

I like state machines in general, so I definitely want to give them a go.

I’m not show how/if it should be incorporated with the SLS framework - I think it needs to be understood better before attempting integration/inclusion.