"AWS Lambda Extending State to All Functions"

I’ve just had an email from AWS about

AWS Lambda is extending the capability to track the current state of a function through its lifecycle to all functions [1]. With this change, you may need to update your CLI and/or SDK-based automation workflows around creating and updating functions by adding a check that the function became active before performing additional actions that operate on the function.

Do I need to worry ?

I suppose not then ?

The same email actually mentions that using frameworks like Serverless Framework means you do not need to worry. They hide it very well in the middle of the wall of text but its there.

So when did Serverless add support ? What version do I need to tell my team to be on ?

I have the same question, the email does state:

If you are using these tools and are already on the latest Software Development Kit (SDK), you do not need to take any action, and can stop reading now. If you are using an earlier SDK version, please update to the latest one

I am still on serverless version 1.8 and am unsure if this will actually continue to work.

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Serverless never needed to add support. Because we use CloudFormation to make the deployments into AWS support exists automatically. You are only really affected by the states issue if using the SDK to deploy functions which the framework does not do.