Step-by-step tutorial for building production ready apps with Serverless on AWS

Hey guys, we are launching the second part for our Serverless Stack guide. We had launched the original tutorial right here in the Serverless forums a year ago. It’s grown incredibly over the last year and we’ve been amazed by the feedback we’ve received. Our readers have used the Serverless Stack not just for their personal projects but also to power their businesses.

Moving forward Serverless Stack will be focussing on more advanced topics that can help you build production ready applications. A first step in this direction is the launch of Part II of the guide. It focusses on the following:

  • Infrastructure as code
  • Working with 3rd party APIs
  • Unit tests
  • Automating deployments
  • Configuring environments
  • Working with secrets

Part II builds on everything we’ve created so far but is fairly standalone. So if you’ve completed the original, you can directly get started with Part II.

So give it a go and we look forward to hearing your feedback! -


Thank you, it is my favorite AWS Training resource

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Really appreciate it. You and the serverless stack website saved my time a lot.

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