Advice for learning resources

I am new with serverless and would like to get an advice for learning resources.

Of course there are tons of articles, blogs etc. But I miss a comprehensive guide (book, video course etc.) which covers the common stuff which is needed for a real web app based on the serverless framework (mainly in the AWS space with tools like cognito, api gateway, lambda, dynamodb, including project and stage organization, batch processing, automated unit testing, search engine like searching etc.)

You may want to checkout this recently released book first. “”… and for a bigger book “

For a open source resources checkout:
pmuens/serverless-book on github and serverless-stack . com ~ sorry I can only include 2 links

If you’re looking for video tutorials the only I’ve checked out so far are the ones by acloudguru which are excellent.

Hope that helps! I’m going through some of these currently. Let me know how it goes and I’d love to hear other resources people recommend.

Thanks for answering… I am just reading the manning book (but I don’t like it so much - I would rather need a problem solution guide based on the serverless framework for an ordinary web app which covers the areas mentioned in my first statement)

The serverless-book ( is nice but way to basic .

From my point of view it is really easy to get started with serverless but only for quick start. But for real development it is hard because there are many pieces which has to fit together.
E.g. how to write unit tests, how to do development (e.g. for a web app - does every request of the browser goes to real aws infrastructure or do I mock it) and so on… how do I searching (it seems dynamodb it is not really the best fit for stuff like fulltext search - geo search etc.)

I really would like give serverless a try but I realize that solving all these problems is not that easy…

Hey @maku

I just gave a talk on some of my favorite resources

One of the resources listed in there was (a super comprehensive guide on building an entire app w/ javascript)

Another thing you might want to checkout for unit tests etc is the a cloud guru yeoman generator (its a nice starting template for a serverless project)

Hi @DavidWells,

coincidentally I watched your talk a few days ago (I liked it very much…)
Therefore I knew already This is the best resource I found so far.

As always with new techs, you have to learn most of yourself by bringing information of several sources together.
It is not an easy task because you don’t want to do it wrong…

But, thanks for your hints…