[solved] Endpoints/functions empty

Dear All,

I have been successfully using serverless in the last spring til May/June and was successfully deploying my project to AWS. After 5-6 months pause I now continue working on the project. However, now my attempt to deploy the project was rejected with various errors. I updated the serverless to its lastest version 1.25.0 as well as the webpack and serverless-webpack plugin as well as npm and node. Now there are no errors given during the deployment but the endpoints and functions are now shown as none. The output of the deploy command is given below:

user@user-VirtualBox ~/projects/111/emu_server/aws/serverless/deploy $ serverless deploy -v
Serverless: Removing /home/user/projects/111/emu_server/aws/serverless/deploy/.webpack
Serverless: Bundling with Webpack…
Time: 1415ms
Asset Size Chunks Chunk Names
bin/certs/srvcerts.txt 117 bytes [emitted]
bin/emu_srv.bin 2.16 MB [emitted] [big]
fw/release/EMU.bin 56.3 kB [emitted]
fw/release/version.txt 15 bytes [emitted]
main.bundle.js 833 kB 0 [emitted] [big] main
Serverless: Zip service: /home/user/projects/111/emu_server/aws/serverless/deploy/.webpack/service [139 ms]
Serverless: Packaging service…
Serverless: Remove /home/user/projects/111/emu_server/aws/serverless/deploy/.webpack
Serverless: Uploading CloudFormation file to S3…
Serverless: Uploading artifacts…
Serverless: Validating template…
Serverless: Updating Stack…
Service Information
service: 111-emu-serverless
stage: dev
region: us-west-2
stack: 111-emu-serverless-dev
api keys:
Stack Outputs
ServerlessDeploymentBucketName: 111-emu-serverl-serverlessdeploymentbuck-qdyidi1wk3zx
Serverless: Removing old service versions…

I have checked on AWS no API Gateway or Lambda functions are created. The zip file uploaded to S3 contains only “compiled-cloudformation-template.json”, although the zip file in my local folder seems to have all the necessary files.

Could someone suggest what might be wrong with the deploy?

Thanks a lot for any help.

OK, solved.

The problem was in the absence of indentation of function names from the keyword functions in the yml file:

This was probably not required for older serverless versions.