Empty files in uploaded zip

I am trying to deploy my Python application to AWS with Serverless framework.
When I run ‘sls deploy --stage dev’ from my machine, everything works fine.
When I run it in an Ubuntu EC2 instance though, I get an error that the handler function is not found.

I checked the zip files for each build and discovered that all the files I add to the build (all project python modules, .json files, etc) are empty when deploying from EC2. When I deploy from my machine, it’s fine.

What could possibly explain this? I have pinned the versions of the serverless framework (@2.18.0) and other tools I am using in the build process.

Also - the dependency modules are fine, it is only my modules that are all empty. I used the serverless-python-requirements plugin which seems to work fine. Could any AWS permissions possibly impact the build behavior? Or is this likely a local issue in the Ubuntu environment?

In case anyone else is having this issue or has stumbled upon this post from google, it looks to be caused by a known issue with a dependency. It can be solved by downgrading node to 14.15.4.

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