Deployment error on ubuntu 18

Hi all,

I have a deployment error on Kubuntu version 18, if it does matter.
When running serverless deploy I get this error message:

Serverless: Uploading artifacts...
  Error --------------------------------------------------
  ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat '/home/jb/Dev/myscorepad/lambda/proScorepad/.serverless/.serverless/'
     For debugging logs, run again after setting the "SLS_DEBUG=*" environment variable.
  Get Support --------------------------------------------
  Your Environment Information -----------------------------
     OS:                     linux
     Node Version:           10.15.0
     Serverless Version:     1.39.0

Right after the artefact creation. Problem is, I can see a at the root of the .serverless folder, but no .serverless folder inside the .serverless folder.

Switching to version 1.39.1 fixed the issue!