Sls deploy hangs forever


For some reasons, since this morning any time I try to deploy with serverless it just hangs on the excluding dev dependencies bit forever (checked CloudFormation, hasn’t done anything). It does this across multiple serverless projects which were all working fine before. My colleagues checked out onto my branch and managed to deploy successfully so it isn’t an issue with the project config.
I tried the obvious silly stuff - restarted comp, ran aws s3 ls to make sure I had correct permissions, i even uninstalled and re-installed serverless. I made sure to install to a version that a colleague had who could deploy my branch - version 1.32.0.

Not sure what other details I can give that would help, but please let me know. I’ve been stuck on this for hours and I’m out of ideas as to what it could be.


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I’m experiencing the same problem with serverless v2.66.2
I could not understand what is going on, as this is affecting several serverless projects, which were working properly earlier.

Has anyone found the root cause and a fix for this ?