Serverless deploy function is taking a very long time

I ran serverless deploy function -s dev -f <func-name> on my system and it seems to be getting stuck on the ‘Excluding development dependencies’ portion of the process. Sometimes it even hangs my system and I need to restart it.

I’m on a linux ( Ubuntu v18.04 )

I’ve seen a few posts regarding similar issues and was wondering if there is a work around or a solution to this problem?

PS. - The serverless.yml file in our project does not have a ‘package’ section

I’m on 20.04 here, and never seen this issue. If you check iotop or something, is it hammering a (slow) disk ?

sorry it turned out it was taking time because i had the aws sam build from earlier in the directory, which was making the package extremely massive and essentially hanging my system when the packaging was going on.

Just a thought to keep in mind if anyone faces a similar issue