Serverless Framework v1.42.0 - API Gateway Logs, Binary Media Type Responses, Request Body Validations & More

It is now easier to build even more robust APIs using the Serverless Framework. The Serverless Framework v1.42.0 release adds support for REST API access logs and API Gateway binary media type responses. Furthermore it’s now possible to set API Gateway request body validations and API key values. In addition to that we also addressed bug fixes and enhancements. 3 bug fixes and 7 enhancements were merged and are now available in our v1.42.0 release.

For the full details please head to the article at the Serverless blog:

Enabling access logs for API Gateway via the Serverless Framework is a welcome addition. However, it would be great if the access logs expiration could respect the provider-level ‘logRetentionInDays’ setting, which doesn’t seem to work with “logs: restApi: true” (simplified to one line here) added to the provider section of the serverless.yaml file.