Enable cloudwatch logs and access logs for Serverless api-gateway?

When we deploy a serverless function with an http: event type, serverless automatically deploys an API-gateway for us to handle this. However, this API-G does not have cwlogs or access logs enabled. What is the recommended first-class way to enable these two values only?


I’m curious about this as well. It looks like there are a couple other questions on this topic on the forum that haven’t been answered.

already asked by someone, following this issue: https://github.com/serverless/serverless/issues/4461

@bill i see that it’s asked but do we have an answer defined? Reluctant to just +1 an old issue when this is pretty broken if there isn’t a canonical fix. Logging is table stakes…

Yes, and same feeling. I am also waiting for the reliable solution as well for this issue.